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This is mainly due to the increasing number of socialmedia accounts, which an active german internet user has on average.if there were still three at least monthly used accounts in, the number was already four accounts. The dynamics are even more pronounced among the to year old. If the group used local seo services india at least three accounts per month in, the number had already doubled to six accounts. At the same time, other social networks recorded an increase in user numbers. The use of whatsapp is growing rapidly:, million users with an increase of percent compared to the previous year. First companies already use instant messenger as an additional, new communication and service channel. Another trend is the advance of so called photo and video sharing providers. In particular, the success of snapchat, which could not be imagined four years ago, as well as the rapid growth of instagram, are surprising.

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Instagram was able to record an increase of per cent in users over a year, and overcame the professional seo services company sound of million users in. Pinterest also grew by per cent in its user base, but is considerably smaller with million members. Similarweb figures number of snapchat android deployments in within germany to. Percent. Out of million internet users, snapchat has already reached a minimum of seven million users four years after its launch. Despite these movements, facebook is still at the top of its reach: million users next to youtube: million users is the number one among social media channels. At the same time, facebook is playing a different league because of its high usage intensity. Per cent of all facebook users use the platform daily. If it is view more still percent at instagram, pinterest comes to only percent. Thus, despite the growth, pinterest continues to be at the back of all relevant suppliers, measured against the real world criteria. It's different with snapchat. Per cent of all snapchat apps installed on android are used daily the majority of young people. Parallel to facebook's user image.

Were it to the start of the platform rather the younger users, which were in this professional seo services company network, is increasingly a shift to older generations observable. The accompanying graphical use of the utilization illustrates this shift. The young target group has not yet disappeared from facebook. Over half of her still checks the timeline daily. But the communication with their peer group, the consequences of their influences and their own self presentation are increasingly taking place on other platforms. Each channel fulfills different needs. The most important platforms for the under s are besides facebook whatsapp, youtube, snapchat and instagram. Whatsapp stands above all for communication, youtube mainly for entertainment. Snapchat opens the eyes of highly young people through the keyhole of their influences.

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By the function of the snap stories self extinguishing after hours, snapchatter, as with no other channel, can let their subscribers participate in their complete, not always perfect everyday life, one of germany's most successful youtubbers, already announced that they would generate between, and, views each day with their snaps every day. In instagram, however, users mainly female are found, which, in addition to pure inspiration, also seek self-assurance. Instagram gives them the framework to present themselves publicly through their often perfection oriented posts and to be recognized by the receipt of hearts from all over the world post their and by mostly foreign users. This fulfillment can probably not give them to facebook anymore. Why should teenagers post their self in an environment where their parents can watch live? Nevertheless, there are still reasons for the younger generation to stay on facebook.for example, around per cent of the under s are aware of the current happenings on facebook.